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Rest In Peace, Bookworms.

September 12, 2009



I have just vowed to myself to participate in the R.I.P IV challenge. Evidently, I was late to see the news, but I’m now determined to join, if I am a bit tardy. I could, of course, go on in an unavoidably boring and drab explanation of what this means, or, simply, quote a section of the blog entry I’ve just read, “And that phrase, “It was a dark and stormy night…” tickled my imagination with thoughts of moonlight and darkness and things that go bump in the night.


Perhaps that was also the beginning of my passion for I what I lump under a broad personal definition of gothic literature: dark nights; decaying, haunted castles; menacing forests; pervasive gloom; ancient prophecies; damsels in distress (or at least at the wrong place in the wrong time); blood-curdling screams…stories with atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a knife.


It was a desire to celebrate and share that love of the elements of gothic fiction that inspired me to create the first R.I.P. Challenge, four years ago.”



After following the link of a commenter of mine, JoAnn, I found that she was taking on this challenge, and decided to investigate. I am about to sign up for Peril the Third, meaning I am determined to read two (or more) books from any of these categories:





Dark Fantasy

Gothic Horror



Here is my potential reading pool:


Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Mastery of Mystery And the Unknown by Agatha Christie – This is a collection of stories, of which I will read only a few, as goes for my next “water-droplet”…

The Complete Stories by Edgar Allen Poe

The Woman In White by Wilkie Collins


That’s all I can scrape up at the moment, but you may find that I will have added a few by the end of the challenge (October 31st). Check back for reviews!





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  1. September 17, 2009 5:34 AM

    frankenstein and woman in white are great reads.

    i adore poe. let me know what you think.

    • September 19, 2009 5:08 PM

      Yes. A lot of people seemed to enjoy The Woman In White. Unfortunately, my book store doesn’t have it… oh, I hate libraries, but they’re unavoidable at times.

  2. Bellezza permalink
    September 13, 2009 6:12 PM

    The Woman In White is one of my favorite books. I read it in 1991, so it was a long time ago, but I certainly could pick it up again any day. I remember recommending it for my Book Club at the time, and wonder of wonders, EVERYONE loved it. That’s always a relief! I’m glad to see you joined the RIP. Carl runs wonderful, wonderful challenges.

    • September 13, 2009 6:20 PM

      Funnily enough, I don’t believe I’ve heard anyone I know mention it. I’m usually surrounded by a younger crowd full of less avid readers (to say it lightly), so that may explain some of the lack of praise I’ve heard. My parents aren’t readers either, so I suppose I’ll have to hear the news from people like you! I’m eagerly anticipating reading this–I just need to make it to the library… which I hate. Libraries are revolting to me, but, when saving for a book splurge on a future vacation (like I am), one must make allowances. Wish me luck on my venture to find a gorgeous, breath-taking copy of “Anne of Green Gables”!

  3. September 12, 2009 6:23 PM

    Glad you decided to join in! The Woman in White seems to be a popular choice for many of us.

    • Madeleine permalink*
      September 12, 2009 10:05 PM

      I’ve realized that, too. I saw it on your list and a memory was triggered. I specifically remembered that particular title and author on a list of classics I’d gotten off the internet awhile back. The combination of classic and horror/suspense/thriller/etc. is an irresistible one, is it not?

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